Evan Iliadis Hate Sites

For more than five years Evan Iliadis has been creating sites attacking a range of people including myself. His first site attacked the Rotary club of the Philippines which he was kicked out of.  At first he only attacked those he knew in the club then expanded to include myself because I was the President of a Rotary club.  He enjoyed cyber stalking so much that expanded it to all expats in the Philippines that made the mistake of responding to his trolling.  He pretends to be on a moral crusade but that is cover.

Evan Iliadis creates multiple sites attacking people using fake names.  He also impersonates people.  I invite people to read his site as any intelligent person will recognise him as being mentally unbalanced.  A few years ago I was invited to participate in a site that exposed Evan Iliadis and on that site you can learn more about him and find links to his site if you want a laugh.


Cyber Stalkers | Trolls | Cyber Bullies

My name is Chris Bennetts and have this site up to help people that come into contact with Cyber stalkers, trolls and cyber bullies.

If you use the internet and participate in any sort of interactive online social network then the chances are you will encounter some type of cyber stalker.  There are different names given to these sad pathetic individuals including trolls and cyber bullies.  Some of them confine themselves to one site and just like to stir people up.  They enjoy the attention and reaction they get from others.  They are Trolls.  As disturbing and hurtful as they may be they are harmless in comparison to the real cyber stalker.

More dangerous are the sociopaths that that engage in cyber stalking.  They go way beyond the annoying activities of a troll.  They try to destroy peoples lives and derive satisfaction from the pain and suffering they inflict on others. These are really sick and dangerous people and I know a lot about cyber stalking because I have been a victim of a particularly nasty one who has been stalking me for the past five years.

Like many such stalkers we have never actually met.   This sicko lives in France but is actually Greek but according to him joined the French foreign legion and has retied to live in France.  At age 68 he is a sad lonely failure that has no other meaning in his life than to find people online to harass. I could pity him except for the suffering he has caused so many people.

After five years experience I have learned a lot about cyber stalking I believe I can offer people some advice that may save them a lot of grief.  I will post some of my knowledge here and hope that others will also participate in creating a resource for Cyber Stalker Help