Challenge To Evan Iliadis

As readers may be aware I have been a victim of the Cyber Stalker Evan Iliadis now for going on five years. I have a challenge to Evan Iliadis that will demonstrate that he manufactures lies against people including myself.

When he first attacked me online I fiercely defended myself against his false allegations first answering his allegation but soon realised it was all a game for him and he was not interested in the truth.

There a numerous false accusations he has made against me. Here I will mention two of the worst.


Evan claims I run a  network of porn sites including
http ://
http ://
http ://

He does not just claim I am the owner of these but I am also the photographer producing the content they use. I have already stated previously that i have absolutely no association with these sites. I do not even know who does own them. Evan seems to have selected these sites at random or perhaps they sites the Evan likes and frequently visits. The funniest thing is I do not even own a real camera, only the one included in my Cell Phone which does take a decent snap shot.


The other false claim is that I am a fugitive of justice with outstanding arrest warrant against me for abuse against women and children and people trafficking.

Again this is just total fantasy. Let me state again clearly I have no outstanding arrest warrants against me in any jurisdiction in the world and I am not even a person of interest in this regard to any authority. I have never been convicted of any criminal offense. This is another total fabrication by Evan.

As proof of his allegation Evan produces an arrest warrant that was issued against me after I failed to respond to a surpina sent to an old address by an estranged former girlfriend . This was a setup with her new drug addict boyfriend. As soon as i found out about it I returned to the Philippines and immediately paid the required security bond and then attended half a dozen court hearing until the case was finally dismissed. The actual complaint made by my former girlfriend was that i failed to pay child support and engaged in stalking. The fact is that she ran away with her drug addict boyfriend after I made the very first payment of child support as agreed between us and the stalking charge related to my visiting her relatives looking for my child and finally tracked them down where I had a verbal exchange with her boyfriend who actually is a fugitive of justice with outstanding arrest warrants against him. When the arrest warrant was issued the charges came under legislation title “Violence against Women and Children”. That was not the charge but the name of legislation. I have never physically abused anyone, it is simply not in my nature.

The Challenge

I am currently a permanent resident of the Philippines and need to visit immigration to renew my ACR card. I plan to do this next week. I will visit the main immigration office in Manila. I will advise of the exact date 48 hours prior so Evan can not complain he did not have time to contact the appropriate authorities.

Evan has always asked for people to provide information on my whereabouts so that i can be brought to justice. If as Evan claims I am a fugitive of justice with such serious outstanding arrest warrants against me then this would be the perfect opportunity to arrest me.

Look for a black T-shirt with this logo

To make things even easier i will wear the T-shirt shown in the picture below. I can not give an exact time but I will be there on the 18th and will record photographic evidence to prove my visit. Evan has no excuse for failing to “act” on this information.

The fact is as stated there simply are no arrest warrants or in interest in me by authorities for any of the allegations made by Evan.

2 thoughts on “Challenge To Evan Iliadis

  1. I hope you are logging & documenting the incidents. I did this and it all sits in my attorney’s office. My cyberstalker is all stirred up tonight because I posted the Legal Notice on her publicly. You need to create one as well. Simply stating “cease and desist now” is all you need. 🙂

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