The Evan Iliadis Challenge

After ignoring my Cyber Stalker for almost 5 years I am now convinced that with this particular person the best way is to challenge and expose his lies as this is exactly what some of his other victims have been doing and the guys credibility is crumbling.  Like many cyber stalkers mine hides behind a fake moral crusade. Most cyber stalkers will try to claim the high moral ground.  Some will even claim they are the victim.

Evan Iliadis pretends to be on a crusade against sexpats and criminals in the Philippines.  This is actually his second crusade.  This first was to attack the Rotary organisation in the Philippines claiming it is corrupt.  I first came under his sights when I was the President of a Rotary club in the Philippines. It seems incredible that someone would want to attack such a charitable institution.  He also resided in the Philippines and was involved in a Rotary club but was apparently kicked out when he was discovered redirecting funds to his wife’s families Sari Sari (general store).

Evan enjoyed attacking people online from his new location in France that he was forever looking for new people to baits.  Over time he has found many new victims.  Many are woking together now to close him down and bring him to justice.

One of Evan’s many false claims against me has been that I am fugitive of justice with many outstanding arrest warrants against me for people trafficking, child abuse and much more.  In the past I issued a very clear denial of these false allegations and got on with my life.  The time came for me to put a challenge to Evan Iliadis who claims to working with authorities in hunting down criminals.  You can read about the challenge to Evan Iliadis and how he of course failed to respond.  It will be interesting to see how he responds.

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