Philippines Sexpats Wall of Shame

A common trait with Cyber Stalkers is they will often try to assume the high moral ground.  Many will claim that they are victims while others will claim they are on a moral or righteous crusade against wrong doers.

Evan Iliads has claimed to be on a moral crusade to rid the Philippines of sexpats and criminals.   He launch his Philippines Sexpats Wall of Shame to attack and expose so called sexpats and criminals but when you look at this site there is very little related to any sexpat or criminal activity.  It’s mostly about personal attacks of the most trivial nature.  When you look at the targets they are mostly family men not engaged in any type of sexpat or criminal activity.

He has no interest in going after real sexpats and criminals because he can’t taunt and bait them on his blog.  His victims are people he finds on message boards that he trolls.  He lives for the reaction he can get and once you make the mistake of engaging him like bull dog he will not let go.  He claims this is his determination while any clinical psychologist would describe it as obsessive behavior which is common among stalkers.

Check out this Sexpats Wall of Shame which is about Evan’s Site