War with a Cyber Stalker

I did some keyword and social media research on my cyber stalker and have determined that no one is actually interested in what he has to say.  He has been stalking for five years and claimed to have a following but in reality he is alone.  A few misguided people assisted him early in his cyber stalking days believing his story that he was running a campaign to expose sexpats and criminals in the Philippines on his Philippines Sexpats Wall of Shame ( I link here to a parody site about him and not to his site) .  They soon realised he was a total fraud.

Unfortunately some people have tried to use Evan Iliadis to pursuer their own personal vendetta against others.  This is a big mistake as every single person that has done this has discovered.  Evan run’s his own agenda and when there is conflict with others he will turn on them in a flash.  Evan Iliadis is now totally isolated.

I have estimated that there are only about 20 people in the entire world that follow his cyber stalking and that includes at least ten of his victims.

One the evaniliadis.info site there are two posts that analysis the interest and traffic Evan’s blogs and campaigns would receive



These two posts, one focused on Search Engine Traffic and the other on Social signals, show that there is zero interest in Evan’s blogs

Anyone that is a cyber stalker should take comfort in such data as it shows that the material a cyber stalker publishes seldom is of little interest to anyone.




How Do You Define Stalking

There is a person called Evan Iliadis who claims he is on a crusade to rid the Philippines of sexpats and criminals.  He claims he is not a stalker but with a simple examination of the facts most people would come to no other conclusion.

He first started with an Anti-Rotary blog.   Yes he claims Rotary is a corrupt organisation run by criminals.   This is in fact how I came to be his victim.  I have never actually met him.  I had posted a warning about another person who is actually a criminal with outstanding arrest warrants and Evan sided with the criminal against me simply because at the time I was the President of a Rotary club.  Simple as that.

At first i thought he was someone that was misguided and being fed lies by the criminal but later i found out that he was the originator of the lies. He originally started the blog to attack other members of the club he had belonged to and been kicked out of .

I can only assume that he enjoyed his new online fantasy world where he could attack people and make up anything about them that his mind could think up.  He soon expanded to the entire expat community.  To be targeted him you only needed to fall prey to one of his troll posts.  Defending someone that you knew to be innocent of his accusations was enough and this is exactly what happened to my business partner Perry Gamsby.

As far as I can tell almost none of his targeted victims could be described as a sexpat or criminal.  They are mostly all family men many retired or engaged in legitimate business.  A notable few are actually making a significant contribution to the Philippines.  One actually assists the Philippines National Police to apprehend sex offenders which is exactly what Evan claims he is involved in.

I am aware of many cases where Evan Iliadis has been give information by people about real sex offenders and criminals but has not mentioned them on his blog.  If you wonder why the answer is simple.  These are truly criminals and fugitives of justice in hiding and therefore not available to play his game. He only wants to write about people that he knows he can get a response from.  This is why his entire focus has been on the expat message boards and forums.

If you take the time to read his blogs which is a challenge to any English speaker as his English is atrocious and when  combined with his irrational and illogical writing style you will come to the same conclusion everyone else i have shown his sites to has.   He is a nut case.  He writes about the most trivial stuff as if it is vitally important and highly interesting.  He truly seems divorced from reality.

To complete the profile of a cyber stalker you just need to look at his constant harassment of his victims.  He has created multiple impersonation accounts on multiple networks including blogger, blog, Facebook, topix and more.  He has created multiple copies of his sites in multiple jurisdictions and even once created a site about me using a domain name he purchased which featured my name and an alleged association with porn.

His latest stunt has been to go to Amazon where my business partner sells his books and actually purchase a book then immediacy request a refund and write a bad review.  The first ever refund ever made on Amazon for that book.   He pretended to be someone else but a few replies form another of his victims was able to draw him out.  He pretty well gave up all pretences of being someone else when he was forced to defend his real name.

This willingness to try to damage the reputation of someone and harm their business is why we need rid the internet on this menace. If you want to read more about Evan Iliadis and views of others about him here are some links.