War with a Cyber Stalker

I did some keyword and social media research on my cyber stalker and have determined that no one is actually interested in what he has to say.  He has been stalking for five years and claimed to have a following but in reality he is alone.  A few misguided people assisted him early in his cyber stalking days believing his story that he was running a campaign to expose sexpats and criminals in the Philippines on his Philippines Sexpats Wall of Shame ( I link here to a parody site about him and not to his site) .  They soon realised he was a total fraud.

Unfortunately some people have tried to use Evan Iliadis to pursuer their own personal vendetta against others.  This is a big mistake as every single person that has done this has discovered.  Evan run’s his own agenda and when there is conflict with others he will turn on them in a flash.  Evan Iliadis is now totally isolated.

I have estimated that there are only about 20 people in the entire world that follow his cyber stalking and that includes at least ten of his victims.

One the evaniliadis.info site there are two posts that analysis the interest and traffic Evan’s blogs and campaigns would receive



These two posts, one focused on Search Engine Traffic and the other on Social signals, show that there is zero interest in Evan’s blogs

Anyone that is a cyber stalker should take comfort in such data as it shows that the material a cyber stalker publishes seldom is of little interest to anyone.



3 thoughts on “War with a Cyber Stalker

  1. Evan Iliadis regardless of what your looking to do has turned on everyone he’s met online. I stress “online” as he’s a bit of a coward in real life from what I have seen in his own writings. An example of that is a photo he took with an expat “friend of his” that he later wrote saying how bad the guy was. Why didn’t he do something at the time? Why did he have to crawl back into his hole in France before he could gain some courage to complain? Because quite simply he’s an internet troll. Nothing more or less except for cowardice.

    Just a very odd guy that needs extra medical help.

    • Yes, his old website was followed in the end of 2011/beginning 2012 when it went viral in an internet forum i also participated. I received the link through the private message system from an (to me) unknown Sender then. Probably Evan himself as he sneaks into Forums and Message boards with multiple ID’s, often posting contrary and destructive inflamatory topics and comments
      That was the last time that there was some significant comment participation, about 80 people or so, half where his own “ID’s) but some real People. But In the continuation of that blog he got more and more abstruse and the initial “scandal” he exposed was not of interest anymore. Nothing followed, only the usual lies and fantasies, so he lost that Readership also. He tried several times more to “viralize” his blog in the same forum, but nobody believed him anymore at all

  2. Coward ? Yup, definitely. And a slimeball too.
    If you want to have a picture of the way he walks and talks, have a look at the “Lord of the Ring” Evan Iliadis is just like that SMEAGOL !
    100% match – no joke !
    I know him from his wasted years as a Gossip King in Panglao, Bohol.

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