Matt Wilkie’s cyber stalker

Matt WilkieMatt Wilkie has been targeted by the same cyber stalker as myself. Unlike Matt I do not like to mention the guys name as cyber stalkers live for the attention. So I try to deny him that satisfaction of seeing his name. If anyone is really interested they can view Matt’s video and will see his name and can search for his websites.

I was not aware that he also made claims that Matt Wilkie was wanted in the UK and could not return there. He has made the same false claims about myself saying I am wanted in both Australia and the Philippines.

One thing I totally agree with Matt about is that the best way to defend yourself against this guys allegations is to encourage people to visit this his websites and actually read his rants at length. Any intelligent person will quickly work out that he is a delusional nut case.

I concluded some time ago that much of what this cyber stalker writes is autobiographical. He claims to be Greek by birth and served in the French Foreign Legion and now receives a pension and lives in France after failing in his effort to live in the Philippines.

From what I understand the French foreign legion is traditionally where you run off to when you need to escape from something. So the recurring theme in his accusations about being a fugitive of justice may well have a basis in his own life. Chances are he escaped his native Greece and mostly likely the name he uses now is not his real name or his name at birth.

One of the most disturbing allegations he makes about many of his targets (I will not use the word victims) is related to sexual abuse against women and children.

He has accused me of running the largest and most perverted porn network in Asia and claimed that I own and operate some very disgusting and disturbing websites. Most of the sites are very abusive in their depiction and treatment of women

I can only assume that these are sites he is interested in. It is common for someone living in a state of cognitive dissonance to over compensate in the condemnation of that which they secretly desire. Shakespeare expressed it perfectly in Hamlet; (he) “…doth protest too much, methinks”

This is a very sick and disturbed man and I would be concerned if he was around children.


Cyber Bully | Cyber Stalker | Cyber Troll

These all point to the same thing.  Online Harassment.

Cyber Bully is a term popular for describing online harassment by younger people.

Cyber Stalker is the term used to describe online harassment by adults

Cyber Troll is actually an activity a cyber stalker does in order to bait prospective new victims.

The term I prefer to use is simply cyber stalker. Some cyber stalkers have a personal vendetta against and individual.  This may have happened offline and they take their gripe online.   Other Cyber Stalkers like Evan Iliads have not even met most of the people he stalks and actually lives on a different continent. They setup dozens of fake profiles and use them to harass their victims online with no research, no facts – just lies.  Truth is not an important consideration for Evan Iliadis.

He likes to troll from like the  Live in the philippines forums   and bait people.  He claims to be on a crusade to rid the Philippines of Sexpats and criminals but none of the people he targets can even remotely be described as Sexpats and criminals.

For most cyber stalkers its all just a game.  Evan Iliadis is a prime example of a delusional cyber stalker in his own world.  He started his cyber stalking life after being kicked out of Rotary in the Philippines and created a Rotary hate site VAP RIP OFF where he attacked his fellow Rotarians but they simply refused to respond or comment .  He had to find someone else to play his game and that is when he setup his phoney crusade against Philippines sexpats and criminals. Recently he has changed his title to Crusader against people trafficking but all he does his harass the same group of people over the most trivial and silly things.

Internet Troll Evan Iliadis